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With rumors circulating today that Manchester United could be looking at signing Joey Barton it shocked me than any other player ever linked with us. No doubting he has ability but what about the baggage that comes with him?

Check out my article I posted on the Bleacher Report looing at all of Bartons crimes on and off the pitch.


Fantasy Football

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Slide shows

fantasy football is back for a new season!
The link for the site is 
and after you’ve made your team, click on leagues, join league, and the code to join is 197338-61577

Well it took me a few days but I managed to get through it, a ranking of 60 of the best overseas players to play in the Premiership. Here is the order:


Another slideshow i’ve put up on Bleacher, this time looking at ten players who in my opinion their careers werent quite up to what was expected of them when younger!

Old Trafford, The Theatre of Dreams, call it what you like but it has long been a stadium fit to host some of the greatest players in the world. And it has seen its share of great players and it’s fair to say that it has seen its share of truly awful players.


The el classico of the European Cup over the last few years, always serving up a footballing treat. So I felt a bit excited a few days before the hugely important final and decided to look back and relive the old matched between the two teams.

Posted on Bleacher Report on May 24th 2011

Wondered who the worst signing in the Premiership is? Well check out my list and see who in  my opinion is the worst signing!

Posted on the bleacher report on May 22nd 2011

Another slide show i did, one of favourites so far looking at traitors in football, dont trust anyone!

With Manchester United on course to win the league, and reaching the final of the Champions league yet people still declaring that this was United’s worst team under Fergusons reign I decided to rate this current team with the 99 one. The original title wasIs this really Sir Alex Fergusons worst team? but for some reason the editors changed the title to a pretty daft one, considering how obvious the answer was.

 This was posted on May 1st 2011 on Bleacher Report.

This is a slide show I put on the Bleacher Report on April 30th 2011,  looking at the red cards Paul Scholes has picked up in his career. Hope you enjoyed it!