Is Manchester Uniteds main priority arriving shortly?

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Stories

This summer reminds me so much of the months following the World Cup, you couldn’t read a newspaper without seeing Sneijders name linked with a move to Old Trafford but the difference this summer he has been joined in the rumour mills by one Samir Nasri.

Without a doubt the money spent by Ferguson so far has been money well spent on quality young players but with out a doubt the one place in the squad that needs improving is in the centre of the park and Sneijder and Nasri fit the bill.

Now Paul Scholes has laced up his boots for the last time the onus falls on Ferguson to make sure that the creative force is adequatley replaced, and if the targets mentioned are indeed his genuine choice then hopefully we move quick enough to snap them up.

Ferguson is building a team to compete with Barcelona and take the mantle of Europes top dogs once again so do not suprised if both players arrive to continue their careers in the famous red shirts.


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