A rumour doing the rounds about Sir Alex Ferguson

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Stories

Now not for one minute do I believe this to be true, but I found it quite interesting how it spread. Last night I noticed on Facebook two status’s commenting on the fact that a book makers (Paddy Power) had suspended betting on Sir Alex Ferguson retiring within the next week and I remembered back to last Thursday when on a United forum website a couple of people were talking about some huge news which was going to be coming out of Old Trafford but which was still being kept hush.


I obviously thought nothing of it, having heard these small gossip stories before, but I received a few texts today which puzzled me, one off someone who works at the club and he’s usually quite a reliable source since for example he told me about Giggs having an affair the day before Imogen’s story came out in the newspapers, asking if I’ve heard the news that Ferguson was indeed retiring this week.It still baffled me as to where this story came from and my confusion increased even more when a fellow work colleague came onto site this morning and whilst we were having a chat he received a text message saying that Sir Alex Ferguson was retiring due to poor health relating to Parkinsons disease, he also said that this was the third text he had had been sent that morning on the same subject and was just as confused about it as me.

Like I said before I’m not saying that Ferguson is going anywhere, and I cant see him leaving those sidelines for a few years but this rumour seemed to spread more so than any I’ve heard in recent years. I just found this quite interesting and wondered if anyone else had heard anything about this?

  1. Phil says:

    He’ll die on those sidelines!

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