So the big kick off is now just round the corner, and everyone can smell the excitement.  With fans just getting over the highs and lows of last season, hopefully their hearts will be ready for the roller-coaster all over again.

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With rumors circulating today that Manchester United could be looking at signing Joey Barton it shocked me than any other player ever linked with us. No doubting he has ability but what about the baggage that comes with him?

Check out my article I posted on the Bleacher Report looing at all of Bartons crimes on and off the pitch.

Fantasy Football

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Slide shows

fantasy football is back for a new season!
The link for the site is 
and after you’ve made your team, click on leagues, join league, and the code to join is 197338-61577

City reject Tevez bid

Posted: July 12, 2011 in News

So one of the most boring saga’s of the summer (Along with Fabregas) continues. Hopefully Tevez gets his wish soon and this mercenary can finally leave these shores.

Ever since he left United my estimation of this man has gone further down hill and the sooner he’s gone it will be for the better of the English game. The man has no loyalty and couldn’t care less about any club he was at and it wouldn’t surprise me if he went back to Brazil now and within a year he finds his way to Madrid or Milan. Actually I’ll put a bet on that.

City will probably bring in Aguero to replace him and he is much better in talent so lets get this stain on English football out of this country as soon as please.

Good Riddance Carlos.

This summer reminds me so much of the months following the World Cup, you couldn’t read a newspaper without seeing Sneijders name linked with a move to Old Trafford but the difference this summer he has been joined in the rumour mills by one Samir Nasri.

Without a doubt the money spent by Ferguson so far has been money well spent on quality young players but with out a doubt the one place in the squad that needs improving is in the centre of the park and Sneijder and Nasri fit the bill.

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Now not for one minute do I believe this to be true, but I found it quite interesting how it spread. Last night I noticed on Facebook two status’s commenting on the fact that a book makers (Paddy Power) had suspended betting on Sir Alex Ferguson retiring within the next week and I remembered back to last Thursday when on a United forum website a couple of people were talking about some huge news which was going to be coming out of Old Trafford but which was still being kept hush.

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Well it took me a few days but I managed to get through it, a ranking of 60 of the best overseas players to play in the Premiership. Here is the order:

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Another slideshow i’ve put up on Bleacher, this time looking at ten players who in my opinion their careers werent quite up to what was expected of them when younger!

Old Trafford, The Theatre of Dreams, call it what you like but it has long been a stadium fit to host some of the greatest players in the world. And it has seen its share of great players and it’s fair to say that it has seen its share of truly awful players.

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Ever wondered what happened to the rest of that famous team? Well check out the article I posted on Bleacher report to find out!